FREE Airport Transfer

Do you arrive at Sydney Airport after a long flight, tired and want to get to our hostel as soon as possible? Let our shuttle bus service pick you up from the airport and drop you off right in front of Funkhouse Hostel Kings Cross, Sydney!

For guests that have booked 7 or more nights with us, the airport transfer to the hostel is FREE.

For guests that booked 1 or 2 nights, we charge $12 and for guests that booked 3-6 nights, we charge just $3.

Please do not pay anything to the driver, only at our reception desk on arrival.

Airport Transfer To Funkhouse Hostel Kings Cross

Give us a call on our FREE 1800 247 600 number (use a public phone or ask the information desk to call if you don’t have an Australian phone number) as soon as you arrive at the airport. We will then send the driver to pick you up as soon as possible.

On the phone, please tell us:

  1. What the name is you made your booking under
  2. Which airport you are: T1 (international flights), T2 (domestic flights from Jetstar, Virgin, Tiger Airlines, etc.) or T3 (domestic flights from Qantas)
  3. How many people you are with
  4. If you have any large items with you, such as a surfboard (the shuttle company will charge you an additional $10 for that)

We will then call the driver and tell you exactly where to stand so the driver can pick you up.